The Melty Misfits Series 2 Kickstarter Campaign

The first series has been a great success and now it’s time to do a second series. This new set of trading cards/stickers is going to be even more ambitious than the first: featuring 40+ new characters (Series 1 had 30 characters), new Kickstarter-exclusive packaging, and hopefully some new awesome inserts like foil cards and lenticulars.

Having already done a first series of the cards, we know how much time and money it takes to make a project like this a reality. We self-funded the first series, but we’re eager to crowd-fund the second. I’ve never crowd funded anything before, but besides raising the money, I’m eager to get people involved in a way that’s never been possible before. Obviously I’m very active on social media, but backers will get tons of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and info. Kickstarter also allows me to offer rewards (physical and experiential!) that I’ve never offered before. So I’m really excited to see this project come together and I hope you’ll be a part of it!

Check out Kickstarter for more info and to support the project!!