Mister Melty (Super Creamium Edition)

The first, last and only edition of this kind features the iconic symbol and inhabitant of my Melty universe. He stands tall, confident and optimistic; delightfully unconscious of his (and our) certain fate. After years in the making, he’s finally ready to make his way into the world.

Over the years, I’ve cast the pieces, made new molds and recast them. I made the first molds from the original sculpts, which offer a more ideal shape than the previous vinyl versions allow for. I cast each one in totally different colors of resin (some with glitter); some of the pieces feature layers and swirls that are the result of many different pours. I hand-painted and signed every piece (and each one is sealed with a glossy protective coating). The swirling fluid colors of resin and paint appear to be frozen in space; no two are alike. Each comes in a custom-made wood box, which I also hand-painted and signed (and is sealed with a protective coating). A certificate of authenticity accompanies each one, which bears the piece number out of an edition of 40. The figure stands approximately 3 inches tall; the box is approximately 4x4x6 inches.

This Super Creamium Edition represents the culmination of my experiments casting resin. This really is the most authentic representation of the character. A lot of work has gone into these guys and I’ll certainly never do it again. This is a true collector’s item for the die-hard aficionado. And as usual, they look much better in person!